Beauty & The Beast Inspired Teacup Portrait
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Beauty & The Beast Inspired Teacup Portrait

David started photographing Murren when she was 2 years old, and for her 14th birthday, we wanted to create something fun and unique.

Both of us love the famous Disney movie, "Beauty & the Beast" which is one of the highest grossing films of all time!

After finding a vintage 1948 "Katharina" Weimar blue teacup from Germany with this beautiful regal feeling, I thought about using it as a skirt to create a fun and whimsical photo.

What I love about the teacup is it's Baroque styling and homage to its Italian heritage.

Beauty & The Beast Photography

My favorite character from the movie is "Chip," because of his sense of adventure and natural curiosity. Of course, that can lead to his overactive imagination getting him into spots of trouble.

I think of him as a metaphor for being "perfectly imperfect," which I believe is true for all of us.

One visual clue is the chip in around the lip of the cup perhaps best shown in the 1991 version of the film.

Creative Studio Photography

Many time, I enjoy the challenge of creating my fine art photography as a single capture. But, I don't feel like it's the "only way" or "better way" to communicate visually, only that it's a fun and approach.

This concept called for compositing the final photo by first shooting the young woman and separately shooting the teacup.

Those different photos are then combined in Photoshop to create the final version of the picture you see here.

In many ways, it's an homage to the classic "Pictorialism" style of photography that believed that that the expression of the artist's visual idea was more important than a "Purist" approach where the camera alone dictates through its limitations what can be achieved.

Location: Dallas, TX.

1/30; f/5.0; ISO 500; 24.0 mm.

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