Master Photographer Communicates Love Through His Art
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Master Photographer Communicates Love Through His Art

After Elayne’s death, I tried to create an honoring image for my family - specifically for Tyler. I endeavored to do it in a way that would convey a security and the values of our family and indicates that she didn’t have to look out of the window anymore because her Aunt Lauren had her back.

Sara could not come from Rome, and so the painting on the wall represents Sara. Elayne’s ashes are actually behind Lauren, so even in this image, the sisters are complete and joined.

Many things represent the values and the love of our family - the glow and love of travel, the color scope, and the spirit of adventure. There’s a Bible there - we have a love for God -musical instruments and sculptures that echo our family’s enduring love for art and music.

And we have sunflowers sitting on the table. As you might know, sunflowers follow the light and; therefore, sunflowers represent us wanting to follow truth. I wanted to show that we were flexible too following the light in our own lives.

Sara loved Jane Austin, and this set is supposed to look like Mr. Darcy’s house, present a continuation of that feeling/emotion. The warm and the cool colors here contrast with the warmth of love, with the coldness of a foggy evening.

We built this set for a class we were teaching at Texas School of Professional Photography. It was constructed and lit in a ballroom. 11 flashes are lighting the scene to create the different pools of light.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel Dallas.

1/30; f/10.0; ISO 250; 98.0 mm.

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