Girl With The Pearl Earring - Vermeer Tribute
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Girl With The Pearl Earring - Vermeer Tribute

This piece is an homage to Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring. He painted two images. The first was of his daughter, and no one knew this version existed. It was rediscovered 100 years ago and sold for $1.12 because the seller had no idea it was a Vermeer!

How many things that are important do we fail to value and not even know we possess?

This model is one of my granddaughter's dear friends, Emma. She has cheekbones that are very similar to the original girl with the pearl earring. This session was the first time my granddaughter said that she wanted to be part of the art direction a photo shoot and help style it.

I have an uncle who is a photographer and a father who is a photographer, I’m a photographer, my son’s a photographer, and maybe my granddaughter will become a photographer. Photography gives us all a chance to be in a lot of people’s lives and connect with them in a very personal way. These connections give us depth and influence in this world, which I think is our calling. So I feel blessed to be a photographer and be able to influence other people’s lives in some small ways.

Location: Edmonson Photography.

1/60; f/3.5; ISO 320; 105.0 mm.

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