Luthier Family Working - Caravaggio Inspired
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Luthier Family Working - Caravaggio Inspired

This image is of a man studying with his pipe. The smoke is pouring from his pipe. I wanted to show the contrast of his studying far into the night. He was diligent in his pursuits. I also wanted to display the smoke, because I had become more and more convinced that life is much like a vapor that appears, rises and spreads, and disappears all too quickly.

More specifically I wanted to tell my children to be careful with their leisure time. There’s nothing wrong with leisure time, but it moves just like a vapor – disappears so quickly - so think twice about everything that you do.

I can see a little bit of a Rembrandt feel here, but Vermeer also did this kind of lighting. Rembrandt used typically warm tones or gray tones.

A man I met that I would never have spent time with in the World is the model here. We just were opposites, and I felt sad to have that impression of him, so I made a point to get to know him and found out that we had a lot in common.

He’s a nervous, twitchy fellow who can’t stand still for five seconds while you were talking to him and yet he ended up being a truly excellent model.

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