Woman With Parasol In Boat French Impressionist
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Woman With Parasol In Boat French Impressionist

This photo was shot on the same day as Picture Three while we still had the boat in the water at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX. This image is a very accurate representation of the sunlight on that day.

I’d just finished studying Vincent van Gogh and wanted to create the post-Impressionistic feel of his times. So we dressed people in Edwardian clothes and used one of the parasols from my original sister shoot. The sunflowers represent how one does follow the light and also the fun and humor of how, during that time, single women had to have a chaperone. For a couple to get away alone on a Sunday afternoon, they had to find a small boat that no chaperone could fit in!

In between taking Picture One and Picture Three, I realized I had not spent enough time studying the Masters in college. I felt I did not know some of the techniques I needed to know to grow more as an artist.

I had the stroke the week after the Sisters portrait was taken. I had issues with my left hand, my speech, and sight, and I felt like I had been given back my left eye (I’m left -eye dominant for shooting) and left-handed. I still had issues with memory and had to re-learn where tools were, as I was doing the artwork, photography and Photoshop. Part of my rehab was giving myself permission to be prolific in shooting images, recreating pictures, and seeing the world in an entirely different way. These studies continue to this very day.

The final concept photo we did as part of our class for Texas School of Photography, the couple is one of our past brides and grooms, whose wedding we photographed in Oklahoma.

Location: White Rock Lake.

1/1000; f/4.0; ISO 250; 70.0 mm.

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