Classic Bridal Portrait Adolphus French Room
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Classic Bridal Portrait Adolphus French Room

All of us want to feel and look our best in our wedding photography. This beautiful bride hired DFW Events to coordinate her wedding.

Black & White Bride In French Room

I’ve learned that wedding photography is one of the easiest forms of photography in a psychological sense. People are expecting to be in these photographs have done the work necessary to get into the best possible shape. They’ve invested in hair makeup and the finest wedding dress, etc.

With that said, a great wedding photographer is your mirror.

It's my job to accentuate your attributes and minimize the problem areas we all have.

Any woman who has worn a strapless dress will tell you she strongly dislikes the "chicken fat" that appears where your armpit intersects with such a dress.

As you study profile shots by different photographers, you see that some do know how to contain the nose within the mask of the face and lips, and other are still learning.

This is an example of a proportional distance that holds the nose and eyes within the mask of this face beautifully.

Should her nose partially show or come closer to her cheek, we'd lose the beautiful lines of her cheeks and bone structure.

If the camera perspective were higher, her nose would extend beyond her delicate mouth and dilute her attractive physical qualities.

Styling the veil to soften the area by her armpit, pulling her arms away from her body and pushing her hips back also accentuates her best attributes.

The light in this situation further directed the pose.

Many inexperienced photographers and laypeople are attracted first to a beautiful location. Don't be seduced by location!

Light as quality, quantity, direction, and color temperature are much more important than location.

As the reflected light bounced off the floor and back upward to her face, I knew the direction would not be correct unless she was looking downward and the camera is placed in a slightly elevated position.

All of these details and decisions thus come together to create a seemly simple picture of a bride that to this day remains her favorite portrait.

Location: Adolphus Hotel French Room.

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