Emotional Jewish Wedding Groom Cries Over Letter
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Emotional Jewish Wedding Groom Cries Over Letter

Possessed and realized in one of our greatest gifts are Emotions.

To capture someone in an intensely personal moment requires a delicate touch and a tender heart.

Jewish Wedding Emotional Gift

Often on the wedding day, gifts and letters are exchanged between a couple. There are also situations where a letter or card from a loved one becomes that unique moment where time stands still.

These emotional blips are the bits you will remember about the day you were married. This gift that photography can offer is intrinsic because it reminds us how we felt then on that special day.

When we feel something and remember it later, it's as if we just felt it yesterday.

By inviting the Jewish groom to sit on the edge of a chair and closing the blinds behind him, I could take advantage of the natural reflection of the picture hanging on the Westin Galleria hotel wall.

Leaving the window directly in front of him open provided directional lighting and a high contrast.

As he read through the letter, the words on the page touched his heart. The click of the shutter immortalized this moment in time and advanced the narrative of the range of emotions everyone feels on the day they get married.

Notice the power of his hand coming to his eye. Photography does not have the ability to use words or sound to communicate ideas. Somehow we still have to show emotion, connections, the story.

His touch illustrates the story here, and it allows all of us to empathize with the emotions the groom is feeling at this instant in time.

Location: Westin Galleria Dallas.

1/125; f/4.0; ISO 800; 50.0 mm.

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