Father Of Groom Cracks Up Laughing Candid Moment
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Father Of Groom Cracks Up Laughing Candid Moment

Individuality is a beautiful thing.

While posed formals and group shots have tremendous merit and long-standing tradition, often it is the in between moments where personality reveals itself best.

Wedding Day Family Photos

A relatively simple photo in front of the house shows not only the groom laughing with his father, but also makes you wonder what the bride’s father just said.

It's the direction of his finger pointing that makes you want to know the rest of this story.

Often overlooked as less exciting than the usually dramatically posed shots of the bride and groom, family portraits are the hidden gems that are waiting to have families discover their real value.

I believe that not only is your family the people you've known the longest typically, but they are also the characters you will go through the remainder of your life with.

Making time for more than just a family formal picture allows for these individual personalities of your loved ones to shine.

If you feel rushed or like guests are arriving, then go to another space to continue shooting. The best candid or photojournalistic wedding photos often occur once people stop feeling camera aware.

A tip is to be aware that as the bride and groom, you set the tone that gives those around you permission to be themselves. The more relaxed and upbeat you are, the more likely they are to join in to the fun with you.

Location: Preston Hollow.

1/320; f/4.5; ISO 1600; 92.0 mm.

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