Bridal Portrait In Lavish French Inspired Setting
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Bridal Portrait In Lavish French Inspired Setting

Returning to a sense grandeur, the choice of a bedroom makes for a comfortable and non-traditional setting for a striking bridal portrait. The gorgeous French theme to the room provides a lavish backdrop for bridal photography.

Bridal Portrait In French Themed Setting

This bridal portrait is a classic example of the dominance of a bride's bouquet when it is positioned in closer proximity to the camera than is her head.

Notice how your eye wants to focus on the flowers and not the bride's face. While much thought goes into the perfect wedding dress and all the wedding details through careful planning, the ultimate reason for all these festivities is the love story, and two becoming one.

At the core of this union is the people, and we always strive to honor and show respect for the beauty of relationships and the individuals in them within our photos.

Taking Better Wedding Photos

A beautiful wedding photo, and when I look at it today, I can see intriguing final refinements that I could not see at the time. I've included it as an example of the growth that occurs in any dedicated artist or individual. I hope it helps improve your bridal photography.

Taking time to soften and refine the styling before you pick up your camera is one of the hallmarks of an excellent photographer. On your wedding day and at your bridal shoot, remember not to become so eager to have simply a bunch of pictures haphazardly snapped of you. It’s better to have fewer snapshots, but signature photos crafted exceptionally well.

3 Steps To Better Bridal Portraits

The best approach to better bridal photography works like this. Set the shot by creating a block pose or gesture and locking the camera position and lens choice. 

Light the shot by placing the appropriate lights to either mimic or accentuate the available or natural light or sculpt with light by overpowering those sources. 

The final step is to Shoot the shot which means that all styling refinements and posing softening happen before clicking the shutter. 

By following these three simple steps, the remainder of that portion of the bridal portrait session can focus on the bride's emotion and expression. That could mean making it feel or look believable or working through a variety of emotion ranging from joyful and energetic to softer and more reflective.


In closing, I trust that these insights into what could make this bridal shoot work better help improve your bridal photography. As a Dallas wedding photographer, I'm thankful that this Southern tradition exists and remains a popular option for our brides and their families.

Whether you consider it family or wedding tradition, the legacy of an elegantly framed print often becomes part of your family's history hanging prominently in a hallway, entry hall or main room.

The location for this session is a private home in Plano, TX one of the more affluent suburbs in the Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX metroplex.

Location: Plano, Texas.

1/50; f/4.5; ISO 800; 14.0 mm.

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