Gorgeous Hotel ZaZa Bride Applies Finishing Perfume
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Gorgeous Hotel ZaZa Bride Applies Finishing Perfume

Preparation shots are a mainstay of your wedding day love story. We have found that the most used photos are not the ones of you sitting in a chair getting your foundation and eyelashes put on, but the ones where you are doing your final touch-ups.

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That's when you will look the freshest and most polished. It's natural for a girl to gravitate to those pictures where she looks her best.

Here one of our brides had finished getting ready and is applying some of her perfume. Rather than hoping she will do something gorgeous with her body language, I watched for her to feel naturally finished, and then I invited her to let me take one more photo.

Experience has taught me that two details are important to deliver the best wedding photography. Beauty and believable.

You can see the beauty here in how she's brought her leg forward to create a sense of shape to her hips and turned her head back toward the light. Bringing her elbows slightly away from her waist shows her thinness.

Her softened hands holding the bottle portray a natural and delicate position.

What assists this sensation in feeling believable is her action of rubbing her wrists together. Intentional shooting is clearly knowing what you want to shoot before you shoot it.

Another word for this technique is previsualization or seeing a scene or shot even before you take the picture.

Having viewed habits of numerous women when putting on their perfume, I've learned how to create preparation shots that feel both real and very attractive, even beautiful to show the best version of yourself on their your wedding day.

Location: Hotel Zaza Dallas.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 1600; 70.0 mm.

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