Jewish Wedding Father Of Emotional Bride
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Jewish Wedding Father Of Emotional Bride

A Father's love is the very special feeling that exists between a bride and her dad.

Should she have daughters of her own, the depiction of that love can become the model not just for them individually, but also for others. It can affect the lives of her children's friends and families.

Jewish Wedding Family Photos

While it's often nice to use dark backgrounds to direct the eye, the opposite choice is known as high-key.

Controlling the exposure to allow the window light to go to white, the attention here is directed to the tender touch of the father's kiss and the delicate tears running down the daughter’s cheek.

Many might protest that tears will ruin your make-up.

They aren't thinking through to realize that you can always get a touch-up.

What would you give someday to have a photo like this with your loved parent or child? The same Impact can be felt with a groom and his mother or between two or more siblings.

This actions displayed in this image are what communicate to us what she is feeling and forever immortalized because of the skills of the photographer.

There is nothing unnecessary in the frame. A moment to keep forever is caught here in time between a Jewish father and daughter.

Wedding coordination provided by DFW Events and held at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas.

Location: Ritz Carlton Dallas.

1/60; f/2.8; ISO 5000; 120.0 mm.

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