Lavish Wedding Reception First Dance
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Lavish Wedding Reception First Dance

The first dance as a couple is a time-honored tradition. In some cultures, it is the last dance of the night.

It represents the moment the new couple stands at the center of everyone's attention.

First Dance In Lavish Custom Wedding Tent

In this scene, the bride and her family went to considerable expense to create a scene with an extraordinary chandelier and fiber optic lighting to mimic a sea of stars.

Using light and the elements of framing to direct the lens to the couple, I captured their intimate kiss as they stood center stage.

Some people are natural dancers, and others fear this moment.

The key is to remember that no one will be looking at your face.

Both in your photography and for your guests, take a single twirl, and everyone will erupt. Changing your upper bodies, hands, and faces will communicate your love for each other.

One thing that helps provide a framing element is the guests seated in their chairs. Because no one else is standing, the bride and groom are easily found in the photo.

To make your first dance photos better at your wedding reception consider asking all your guests to be seated when it begins. That will allow your photographer to more easily move around to find creative angles while using them to become part of your scene.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1/160; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 14.0 mm.

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