St. John Neumann Catholic Wedding Ceremony Austin, TX
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St. John Neumann Catholic Wedding Ceremony Austin, TX

One of the least considered characters in your visual love story is your wedding venue – all of them. That’s not because you don't think about venue it's how you think about it.

The tonality and architecture of the spaces you choose leave their mark as the backgrounds present in your images.

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Here we have a Catholic wedding at the gorgeous St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, TX with everyone standing in a beautiful space. Wedding coordination provided by Pearl Events.

The grandness of the moment is captured by the inclusion of the guests and the ceiling.

Because of different house rules, it's important for a couple to consider where their photographer can be situated to shoot the most creative angles.

A poorly lit ceremony site is impossible for the photographer to control if the photographer cannot move to a better location or change the lighting.

The timing of a service can make the difference between stained glass windows that are bright and well featured or dull and lifeless.

As you are doing your wedding planning, consult a sunset calculator on your wedding day, so you can highlight the features you find most attractive at your venue.

While budgets, location, and personal connections do factor into your decisions, thinking through the backdrop of your scene may guide you well when you’re deciding between two venue opportunities.

Location: St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Austin, TX.

1/60; f/7.1; ISO 1600; 14.0 mm.

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