Wedding Rings Connect Many Generations For DFW Bride
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Wedding Rings Connect Many Generations For DFW Bride

Wedding detail shots are something pretty commonplace. Because advertisers and engaged couples are what keep magazines afloat, the majority of their real weddings and their articles feature details to inspire and assist you with your own wedding planning.

Diamond Wedding Bands

How many times have you seen a pair of Louboutin's, Jimmy Choo's or Prada high heels on a chair? I've done it, and we've all done it, but it ultimately leads us to ask if there was something more we could do.

What if there was a way to provide greater depth to your individuals wedding details?

This simple image captures all the rings on the bride's side of the family. It shows the sanctity of marriage for their family. It provides a story to tell future generations.

The picture might even help if you ever needed to get in touch with your insurance agent.

By using a reflective surface and controlling the scene by lighting the stark contrast between the black and the silver, all our attention is on the artistry of the jewelry.

One clue to show the range of talent a photographer has is to look at their detailed photos. Are they all shot with natural light or close to windows? That's great when your wedding is in the Spring or Summer, but what about a Winter engagement when day darkens early?

That's when thinking like a studio photographer can help transform the scene by knowing how to create light.

Our decades of experience in commercial photography let us work quickly and creatively in a broad range of lighting situations.

Location: Ashton Hotel.

1/160; f/11.0; ISO 400; 105.0 mm.

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