Wedding Consultation – Tips For Brides

A couple of weeks ago we posted the first of many blogs in our Tips For Brides series, which we hope will help alleviate any unnecessary stress and answer some of those mounting questions for many of you soon to be brides. The first post set forth a list of some of the key points to consider when searching for your wedding photographer (or any wedding vendor, really). If you missed that post or want a quick link back to it, you can click here.

In today’s post, we will be providing you future brides with a quick checklist of questions to ask yourself and thoughts to keep in mind during your initial consultation with your wedding photographer – and again, in some cases, these issues will be useful when meeting with any wedding vendor for the first time.

First and foremost and probably the easiest question to answer:

–      Is this photographer trying to sell you something or do they genuinely care? It’s either one or the other and if it’s not then run, don’t walk. Now, of course, no proven professional would be in business if they weren’t out to make some money doing it. But there needs to be a balance. If that is the only thing they are concerned with, and what you want is of no concern, then you should probably look elsewhere for your photography services. If they are always pushing you to upgrade your package or encouraging multiple add-ons, thank them for their time and be on your way. A wedding photographer who lives and dies by the bottom line will never go above and beyond.

This next question to ask yourself is particularly telling of the type of personality your photographer will most definitely demonstrate on your wedding day, if they are exhibiting it at all during your consultation:

–      What is the attitude of the photographer toward other vendors and other photographers in particular? This concern may be hard to bring up, and if you can, it may be even tougher to decipher. But in our opinion, photographers who get along with other photographers and other vendors have nothing to hide. Others successes do not threaten them, and so there is no reason for negativity. It’s the vendors and photographers who speak ill of their competition that you should be worried. If they’re negative today, during your consultation, how do you envision them acting the day of your wedding?

Photographers and Videographers have a long standing rivalry.

–      Do they work well as part of a team? Which one is more important? Well, that depends on who you ask. And the truth is that in today’s world of fill-in-the-blank-biography, Videographers are doubling as photographers and photographers are now offering videography services. But pose the question to your photographer in the consultation and see how comfortable you are with their answer. You are looking for team players.

What if you can’t relate to some of their images?

–      In truth, the best wedding photographers will capture the true essence of each and every one of their clients. And depending on their range, you may not be able to relate to all of them. That’s ok. You don’t want to look at a bunch of cookie-cutter images that could fit you or anyone you know. You want the images that only depict you and your fiance and express your individual uniqueness. So it’s alright to give the photographer a little grace on images that don’t look like you. You can describe what you’re looking for and perhaps they can pull out some images that are a little more your style. It’s ok to ask for what you want, but remember it’s also a good thing for your photographer to be diverse in their styles.

What’s your ideal scenario for the big day?

–      Have your mental game plan for the wedding prepared or at least thought out a bit before your consultation so you and your photographer can discuss it. There’s nothing tougher than having a bride and groom come in for their consultation and have opposite ideas of what they expect on their wedding day. Make sure the two of you discuss your thoughts and ideas and come to an agreement. And then schedule your consultation. And again, don’t be afraid to lay out for your photographer what it is you’re envisioning. While wedding photographers are creatives; they aren’t the best mind readers.

Lastly, there’s no need for the game face at your consultation.

–      You want to be as upfront, honest and real as you can be. The key to fantastic wedding images is the ability to connect with your photographer. Open up. Let them see who you are. If you can do that, the possibilities are limitless!

Hopefully, this will help you with your wedding vendor consultations, and if you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to call or email us. We’d be happy to make even some recommendations of photographers for you if we are not the right fit after meeting with us. That’s just the kind of guys we are!

Come back next week for an explanation on booking your wedding photographer (or another vendor)!

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer – Tips for Brides

It’s a jigsaw puzzle, planning a wedding. And I don’t mean one of those big block, 24 piece puzzles you put together as a child. This puzzle has a thousand moving parts, all of varying shapes and sizes, and a seemingly endless combination of colors, details, venues and choices. And for most people, there are no smaller puzzles to practice on. Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. And so to help alleviate some of that stress and try to make the entire photography portion of your wedding planning feel a bit smoother and hopefully a lot more fun, we’ve compiled a step by step process for Selecting & Working with your Wedding Photographer.

  1. Searching for Vendors
  2. Consultation Meeting
  3. Booking
  4. Save the Date or Engagement Sessions
  5. Bridal Session
  6. Wedding Day
  7. Post Wedding Process
  8. Albums

We will be exploring each of the items on our list in more detail in the coming weeks – each week focusing on one particular step in the wedding photography process. Of course, this is only our opinion – but a very well thought-out idea we’ve spent many, many years forming! This week’s blog tips for you future bride & grooms is something you probably know a lot about already – How do you know when you’ve found – the one! The Wedding Photographer!

Find Wedding Vendors

First of all, throw out that old myth that you need to find the “ideal” wedding photographer. The “perfect” wedding photographer – in truth, does not exist. Now that’s not to say you won’t love your photographer; it just means that everyone has a different view of what they feel is “ideal.” But having said that, there are certain things to keep in mind when doing your research when placing those first calls and making your first face-to-face visits. And actually, some of these tips will apply to all of your wedding vendors – not just your wedding photographer.


First of all, you want to look for a photographer with a style that matches your own. If you’re unsure as to what your style is, ask yourself “Do I like what I see?” “Can I picture myself in these wedding photos?” “Would I be proud to have this album as my own?” If you answered yes to all of these, then there’s a good chance your styles will meld well. But you may want to go a little deeper and pay attention to the images they present. “Do I prefer the formal portrait style images or the candid photos?” “Do I want a lot of Photoshop in my pictures or a more realistic appearance?” “Do I want someone who is directing us on how to pose or just following the day and capturing it as it unfolds?” All of these questions have multiple layers within them, but it’s a good idea to explore your thoughts on each. Finally, its next to impossible these days to find someone who isn’t an “award-winning wedding photographer“. Make sure you explore exactly what that means and the criteria for their awards.


Secondly, you want to find a good wedding photographer who is also a good storyteller. What does this mean? Well, when you’re looking at their portfolio of work, do you get a sense of who the couples in the images are? Can you decipher from the pictures more than just a general feeling of the day? Do you get a sense of completion when you get to the end of an album or does something feel missing? A good storyteller is important, but the key is to find a photographer who can tell your story. And to do that, there are some additional things consider.

Take note of how well they listen to your requests? Are they accommodating to your requests? Do they ask questions about who you are and what’s important to you? Are they interested in getting to know you or are they in a hurry to move on to their next client? How they interact with you during your conversations, meetings and sessions are all good indicators of how accurately they will tell your story, so pay attention!


Ask yourself if their work is consistent? Don’t assume that all of their work will be as high quality as the one album they present to you. Any photographer, no matter what their experience level, can have one lucky day, one decent album to show potential clients. Ask to see more and pay attention to the consistency of their work. Of course with time and experience, we all get better, but you want to make sure the work they are showing you is the same caliber of work you can expect to receive on your wedding day. You may not need a wedding photography specialist but if you want the best, find yourself a master wedding photographer. Look for external certification that proves they’re competence.


Personality is key! Besides your fiance, your wedding photographer will be the person by your side the entire day of the wedding. So make sure the three of you feel some chemistry in your meetings and pre-wedding day sessions.


References or testimonials from past clients will help a lot in your wedding photographer selection (as well as any other vendors you end up booking.) A photographer’s website or blog will often post client testimonials, but if they don’t – it can’t hurt to ask them for some references. Also, wedding planning sites such as,,, are all great ways of finding additional information about your potential wedding vendor. And if none of these options yield any answers, try googling the vendor’s name and see if anything comes up. Sometimes you’ll find an ecstatic former bride who has reviewed her wedding vendors on her blog. Hopefully, it’s all good information, but if she’s got something negative to say, take it with a grain of salt, but don’t dismiss it entirely.


It should go without saying, but sometimes, it must be said – The last thing you want to skimp on is your wedding photography. Be willing to spend some money. When the wedding day comes to an end, the images from your photographer will be there to let you relive the entire day, detail by tiny perfect detail – anytime you want.

We want you to have that dream team of vendors on your wedding day, a group of individuals dedicated to providing you with everything you’ve dreamt of leading to your big day. And hopefully, our weekly tips for the bride to be will help you achieve that goal. Check back in with us next week for a run-down on Your First Vendor Consultation Meeting!