A Note Of Gratitude For The Kind & Helpful Hearts Of Roberto Valenzuela & Joe Cogliandro

What’s special about being a part of a “community” is seeing how people pull together in times of need. Our wedding photography world for all of it’s amazing images, opulent details, gorgeous dresses and so on, in reality, takes back seat to something even more special, a couple’s love story. Watching two people become one and seeing a new family be born is what it’s all about.

Our photography community is unique because of the relationships that are forged, in good times & in bad, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and health. It was in sickness that we had a need and our phone’s, inboxes & text messages flooded with support. We love the hearts of the people we are blessed to call friends on multiple continents! Little things like availability and timing ruled out some people to help us on an extraordinary wedding.

The bride had put such heart and thought into her day; her groom had loved her for years and years, and they were finally at a point they could “tie the knot.”

When David thinks of the gift that two men gave him by answering the call, he wells up with tears and emotion.

“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” – William Penn

Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela and Houston’s Joe Cogliandro are the kind of men who “assist readily”, “boldly adventure”, “take all patiently” and continue to be our friends.

When we were in need, these two gentlemen stepped up to the plate, rearranging their already busy schedules, to make it possible to assist us here in Dallas.

There are only so many ways to say “Thank You!” and we are forever grateful! We want to know if you are ever in need of want or help you can count on the Edmonson’s to be there for you!


Coordination: As You Wish Events

Ceremony: Holy Trinity

Reception: Adolphus

TPPA Awards 2012 – Texas PPA Summer Round Up in Kerrville, TX

David & Luke were honored to walk away with so many wonderful awards at this years Texas Professional Photographers Association Print Competition in Kerrville, Texas.They were thrilled to each be named to the  Top Ten Photographers of the Year and going for 4 for 4 with all of their prints winning awards.

Here is a quick rundown of the awards they received.

  • Top Ten Photographers of the Year
  • Best Wedding Image in General Exhibit
  • Best Portrait of a Woman
  • Best Multi-Maker Album
  • Best Portrait of a Group
  • Best Bride
  • Best Overall Portrait in General Exhibit
  • Kodak Gallery Award
  • 4 for 4 Award


They were even more honored when the TPPA magazine chose one of Luke’s images for the cover of the August/September 2012 magazine to highlight the print competition results and SWPPA 2012 pre-convention issue. We also wanted to show the other TPPA member’s who won awards & distinguished images.

Luke’s Award Winning Images


David’s Award Winning Images

Multi-maker Award Winning Wedding Album

In addition to their accolades, David & Luke were extremely proud of fellow DPPA member Richard Sturdevant’s success at the TPPA convention!

Mystic Seminars 2012 Speakers

David & Luke Edmonson Mystic Seminars 2013 Speakers

“The Trench Report”

Perhaps you are talking to the wrong people, hearing what you want or only getting 1/2 the story. People encourage you to “Raise Your Prices” and say nothing about raising the level of your photography. We attend endless seminars on how to “See The Light” and less time is spent talking about the importance of the “Quality of Light”. We get caught up in “What Equipment” our favorite photographer uses so we can emulate them instead of creating something new ourselves. Stop competing with others and start challenging yourself by joining us as we breakdown the business of photography, growing your photographic ability, & understanding your client.

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