Edmonson Weddings Takes Special Honors at 2011 WPPI Print Competition

World-renowned father and son photography team, David and Luke Edmonson, excelled this year at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Convention & Trade Show with a new masters level achieved for Luke and an International Print Competition Grand Image Award for David.

The WPPI organization serves to recognize and encourage excellence in photographic artistry and confer Accolades on its colleagues in recognition of their photographic achievements. With over 27 accolades achieved between the two at this years convention, Luke & David have both accomplished a level 2 status, garnering them the Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement.

His image “Whimsical” was granted the competition’s highest honor by a panel of judges as the recipient of the IPC Grand Image Award. This represents David’s second Grand Award earned in WPPI print competition.

When asked about his inspiration for the fairy-tale looking design, David described his mission to create every image with the bride or customer in mind. “In this case, the bride specifically asked for something with a whimsical feel. So that is what we tried to give her.” He described the award as “an honor and a total surprise” though his son Luke and colleagues agreed it was a well-deserved win. David also won a Grand Image Award in 2009 in the commercial division with his image “Reflection.”

The WPPI organization holds three annual International Print Competitions per year, bestowing winners with Exhibition points which help them to achieve higher Accolade status. Through a combination of both Exhibition and Instructional points, David and Luke Edmonson are quickly progressing through the society’s Accolade’s status.