Giving back through speaking.

The life of a professional wedding photographer is filled with many blessed moments. Being part of such an extraordinary and meaningful day in two people’s lives is not only an honor for us but a blessing in itself. When we were asked to speak to other up-and-coming photographers about our experiences in wedding photography and this unique industry and our place within it, we of course obliged.

This past year has graced us with many blessed occasions, but one we are most proud of is our first speaking engagements. We spent time speaking at several Texas regional PPA (Professional Photography Association) conventions this year, including the Dallas guild, the Lubbock guild, and the Texoma guild; as well as the annual SPA (Senior Portrait Artists) conference in Palm Springs, California.

As a photographer and as an artist, you need to refine your craft and develop your personal touch – this is what will make you stand out amongst the competition. But there are several things we have learned along the way that can help you get to where you want to be – quicker, and with fewer missteps. It’s called, Learning to Surf – Riding the Wedding Day Wave and it’s the topic of our speaking program.

First-time surfers will tell you – starting out is hard. You’re unsure of yourself, and you’ll misstep more times than you can count. You’re tired; you’re sore, and you may be hesitant about getting out there and doing it again. But as you learn, it starts to get a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Wedding photography is no different – the trick is learning how to keep your eyes on the horizon, it will keep you from falling head first towards whatever issue you’re focusing. Our goal in this program is to get you up on your feet faster, hopefully making the wedding photography process easier from the get go.

If you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming speaking engagements, drop us a line. We’ll keep you updated as they arise!