WPPI PhotoWalk Guide – Las Vegas – 2015

Just a few weeks from now, thousands of wedding & portrait photographers will be descending on the MGM Hotel to learn, grow, network and of course, do some shooting.

By no means are David & I “the experts” when it comes to who to see or what to do. We’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve made a few lifelong friendships along the way and thought…”Wouldn’t it be great to put together something on who we would want to shoot when we aren’t leading our PhotoWalk sponsored by Queensberry on Monday Night from 6:30 to 8 pm.” And then, we found out our dear friend, Tony Corbell will be hosting his own at the same time as us, and we said…well then let’s just make it a list of all the people we would want to go on a Photo Walk with regardless!


Who should attend the Edmonson’s WPPI Photowalk?

We put a big emphasis on being a Family. Whether you are a first-timer or an old-timer, the right people for our photo walk are those who want to feel like they have made real connections with the other members and us in our group. It’s not a place for people with bad back’s, bad hearts or bad attitudes! Will we have fun? Absolutely! Will we learn? You bet! Should you worry about being shy or fitting? Not with us!
— David & Luke Edmonson

We are still meeting new people ourselves every year at WPPI, who inspire us, and that will never end. Our list isn’t “The Complete List” by any stretch of the imagination! Check out a few of our friends and people we know about leading Photo Walks and run get yourself signed up!


What To Bring On Our PhotoWalk

  • A cheerful spirit & your camera of course.
  • We have one confirmed lovely model and possibly a 2nd (90% sure).
  • Your favorite form of lighting – as long as you can carry it and be ready to move quickly.
  • Will we shoot ourselves? Absolutely.
  • Will we make sure we are accessible, available and helpful to get you unstuck if needed? You bet!

The most important thing about our Photo Walk to us? That the people out there who may be introverts, shy or easily intimidated, know that there is a definite warm and welcoming place for you to come. We are a family and welcome you to join in with us!

This post last updated on July 21st, 2016.