When it’s a Photographer Getting Married, Who Do You Hire to Photograph It?

The average wedding photographer is commissioned to photograph anywhere from 20 to 50 weddings per year, with some booking more than 50. For Luke & David, from the moment they opened Edmonson Weddings in early 2003, this has been their rhythm and schedule. So to say they’ve seen it all is quite the understatement. But at the beginning of 2010, the tables were turned, and it was Luke who was saying the I Do’s to his beautiful wife, Bethany.

While driving one day, Luke casually mentioned to Bethany that he had been thinking about who to ask to be their wedding photographer. Intrigued Bethany asked for him to go on and Luke said that the name in his mind what the illustrious and uber-talented – Mr. Jerry Ghionis.

Bethany clapped her hands together exclaiming, “Oh my gosh, he makes women look so beautiful!”

David & Luke met Jerry while attending the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention in 2009. Jerry was not a stranger by any means, as they had seen and heard of his work for quite some time. But it was perhaps cosmically destined, then, to have their print competition images hanging side by side. Cosmic destiny or maybe just the photography God’s stepping in to introduce the three. Whatever it was, a friendship formed instantly.

And so when Luke suggested Jerry to his soon to be wife, Bethany immediately agreed. The two of them reached out to the Australian photography phenom and after a few scheduling discussions, they all settled on April 17, 2010.

The result? In truth, there is no end to the gift that Jerry provided to Luke & Bethany on their wedding day. It’s the kind of gift that – as corny as it may sound – never stops giving. Their wedding album and images from the day are looked at and remarked upon on almost a daily basis, and they were so honored to have Jerry be a part of their day. It’s been just over a year since that amazing day, so for our anniversary gift to you, we’d like to share some of those images.

And just 9 months after Luke’s wedding, the tables turned yet again and this time, it was Jerry Ghionis getting married. On January 24, 2011, Jerry wed his gorgeous bride, Melissa, on top of the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in St. Kilda, Australia overlooking Port Phillip Bay. David and Luke had the honor of attending the wedding and spent some time photographing the couple during their beautiful ceremony and reception. A few of the images capturing Jerry & Melissa’s family members became very meaningful to the two newlyweds. You can hear what they had to say about some of our photos on their blog JerryGhionisBlog.com.


Jerry’s mom and dad.

Jerry hired two photographers, one of them being Zane, his nephew!

The very happy couple.

Here is a shot of the two great professionals, Zane and Ryan Schembri

One of Jerry’s close friends is Jesh de Rox, who serenaded the new couple with a composition of his own, composed specifically for Jerry and Melissa.

We’ve mentioned before how Jerry has been a mentor to both David & Luke. But it needs to be said, how really, remarkable an experience it is, to be able to give back to someone who is so giving of himself. Congratulations are in order, to our wonderful friends, Jerry & Melissa.



The Importance of Mentoring – Edmonson Wedding Photography

If you set out to determine an accurate number of professional photographers working in the world today, or specifically the United States, or even just our local Dallas/Ft. Worth market, you would discover the task is not so easily accomplished. For better or for worse, the professional photography industry is constantly changing and evolving. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of amateur photographers enter the professional arena every day while last year’s newbies and even some of the greats – seasoned veterans, are calling it quits. The result – a mixed bag of competition for those of us still here.

The reasons for this are numerous and also, the subject of a future blog post. Today we’d like to talk about the importance of mentoring. Professional Wedding Photography – it’s a unique business. With so many new photographers entering the industry, you’d expect a lot of hoarding of “inside secrets.” But the truth of the matter is that we photographers love to share – it’s virtually a requirement in our DNA. We are artists who want to share our talent, our craft, our passion with others. And we also believe that by mentoring newer photographers, we’re helping to make the industry as a whole, stronger.

As a mentor, we spend a lot of our time teaching newer photographers how to think and problem-solve, helping them avoid some of the mistakes we experienced but also allowing them the opportunity to experience some things on their own. Through phone calls and in-studio mentoring sessions, on the job training and 2nd shooting opportunities, our end-goal is to provide them with faith, encourage them to try new things, to push past comfort zones, and support their individual endeavors.

This past year, David & Luke took a special interest in one individual in particular. A man who was unhappy in his career and expressed an interest in photography. Through their help along with other mentors who assisted and encouraged him along the way, Paul Ernest entered the WPPI 2011 16×20 International Print Competition this year and walked away with a 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Grand Award, all in the Premiere Division – a category for first time entrants. Paul also entered an image in the First Time Entry division of the DPPA print competition and won the First Time Entry End of Year Award. Quite a year for this very talented new up-and-comer!

David has been shooting professionally for over 35 years, and as much as he loves being a mentor to several photographers, he also enjoys learning from his mentors. We both believe that it’s important to find someone ahead of you on the curve – to learn from, to grow from and to be challenged by. For the two of us, our mentors: Jerry Ghionis & Mike Colon, have had a profound affect not only on who we are as professional photographers, but also as men. As Jerry Ghionis says, “if you want to be a better photographer – be a better person.”

Mentoring is a gift – you’ll find you will learn just as much from your mentor as you will from mentoring someone else.

If you’re looking for a place to start learning immediately on how to be a better wedding photographer; The Ice Society Educational Website by Jerry Ghionis is a great place to start!

Edmonson Weddings Takes Special Honors at 2011 WPPI Print Competition

World-renowned father and son photography team, David and Luke Edmonson, excelled this year at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) Convention & Trade Show with a new masters level achieved for Luke and an International Print Competition Grand Image Award for David.

The WPPI organization serves to recognize and encourage excellence in photographic artistry and confer Accolades on its colleagues in recognition of their photographic achievements. With over 27 accolades achieved between the two at this years convention, Luke & David have both accomplished a level 2 status, garnering them the Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement.

His image “Whimsical” was granted the competition’s highest honor by a panel of judges as the recipient of the IPC Grand Image Award. This represents David’s second Grand Award earned in WPPI print competition.

When asked about his inspiration for the fairy-tale looking design, David described his mission to create every image with the bride or customer in mind. “In this case, the bride specifically asked for something with a whimsical feel. So that is what we tried to give her.” He described the award as “an honor and a total surprise” though his son Luke and colleagues agreed it was a well-deserved win. David also won a Grand Image Award in 2009 in the commercial division with his image “Reflection.”

The WPPI organization holds three annual International Print Competitions per year, bestowing winners with Exhibition points which help them to achieve higher Accolade status. Through a combination of both Exhibition and Instructional points, David and Luke Edmonson are quickly progressing through the society’s Accolade’s status.

Highland Park United Methodist Church & Belo Mansion Wedding – Meredith and Griffin Perry


Coordination: DFW Events
Church: Highland Park United Methodist Church
Reception: Belo Mansion & Pavilion
Videography: Sixth Seal Productions
Entertainment: The Bulletproof Brass Band
Florist: Garden Gate Floral
Design/Decor: DFW Events
Chandelier Installation Over Dance Floor: LITE Dallas
Linens: BBJ Linen
Stage Draping: Tracie Johnsen
Specialty Lighting: Absolute Lighting
Cakes: La Duni
Hair and Makeup: Maitee Miles
Rolls Royce Get-A-Way Car: Cloud 9 Vintage Coach

Austin Wedding Photography – Four Seasons Resort – Alison and Brent Baker

Here are some of our favorite shots from DFW Events own, now, Mrs. Alison Baker! Enjoy and don’t miss the slideshow at the end of the post.


Coordination: DFW Events
Ceremony: Bethany Lutheran Church
Reception: Four Seasons
Design/Decor: DFW Events
Florist: Garden Gate Floral
Furniture Rentals: Suite 206
Specialty Lighting: Absolute Lighting
Linens: La Tavola Linens
Entertainment: The Project Band
Videography: Crescent Video
Bride’s Cake: The Cake Plate
Groom’s Cake: Hey Cupcake!
Hair and Makeup: Maitee Miles
Get-a-Way Car: Vintage Rides
Wedding Gown: Elizabeth Fillmore, Warren Barron Bridal
Bridesmaids Gowns: Vera Wang, Stanley Korshak

Rough Creek Lodge Wedding Photographers – Molly and Brett Long

Rough Creek Lodge was a beautiful venue and made for a wonderful wedding. Thanks again to DFW Events for all their hard work in preparations for this big day. Congratulations to Molly and Brett Long!

Coordination: DFW Events
Ceremony/Reception: Rough Creek Lodge
String Quartet: Gyros String Quartet
Band: The Project
Florist: Garden Gate
Videographer: Imagique
Cakes: Dallas Affaires
Linens: BBJ Linens
Specialty Lighting: Beyond
Photo Booth: DC Booths
Hair/Makeup: Mo Bowers
Transportation: Glen Rose Transit

Ritz Carlton – Dallas Wedding Photography – Pamela and Alex Mayzlin

Every girl dreams of her wedding day!  Perhaps seldom does a wedding compare so favorably to expectations as this one.  In fact, it is safe to say that this picture-perfect wedding exceeded expectations.  Pamela and Alex’s marriage was a day of pure magic!  This wedding went over the top because of the extraordinary love shown by her wonderful father.  Please join us in celebrating the marriage of Pamela and Alex Mayzlin!

Vendors –
Coordination: DFW Events
Ceremony/Reception: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Officiant: Rabbi Bard Schachtel
Ceremony Music: Alecia Alexander String Quartet
Ceremony Soloist: Nicole Daniels
Décor: DFW Events
Florist: Rusty Glenn Floral Design
Band: Bullet Proof Brass Band
Russian Singer: Michael Pashin
DJ: Andy Austin
Cake: Crème de la Crème Bakery
Lighting/Ceremony Sound/Rehearsal Dinner AV/Video Games/ Videography: Beyond
Ice Sculptures: Dallas Ice FX
Hair/Makeup: Maitee Miles
Ballet: Lyndette Galen
Living Table/Ballerina: Veronica Phillips
Picflips: Mandi Klossner
Photo Favors: Picstrips

Four Seasons Resort and Club – Dallas Wedding Photography – Megan and Cory Procter

Coordination: DFW Events
Ceremony / Reception: Four Seasons Resort and Club
Officiate: Scott Adams
Ceremony Music: Gyros String Quartet
Florist: Garden Gate Floral
Videographer: Hakim Sons Films
Band: Cuvée
Cake: Fancy Cakes by Lauren
Draping: Quest Drape
Ice Sculpture: Creative Ice
Lighting: Absolute Entertainment
Transportation: Ride Centric
Hair / Makeup: Maitee Miles
Dress: Neiman Marcus

Highland Park Presbyterian Church – Dallas Wedding Photography – Ellen and Clayton Kershaw

The moment we arrived at the Melson’s house, we could sense the importance of the wedding day to this family.  Five generations of weddings were represented by five lovely wedding dresses in the gallery room. This unique and treasured display reminded the guests of the family’s history and their respect for the institution of marriage.

Clayton and Ellen are a lovely couple.  We were honored to share in their special day.  Enjoy this event with us as you view Ellen and Clayton Kershaw’s wedding day images.  We invite you to share in a day of romance, love, laughter and tears.  Don’t miss the slideshow at the end for the complete experience!

Congratulations to them and their families, and thank you for choosing Edmonson Weddings to document one of the most memorable days of your lives.


Vendors –

Wedding Coordination: DFW Events
Church: Highland Park Presbyterian Church
Reception: Royal Oaks Country Club
Entertainment: The Project Band
Florist: Garden Gate, 214-220-1272
Hair and Make-Up: Dana Dixon, 817-798-3335
Specialty Lighting: Absolute Entertainment
Video: Capturing Moments
Get-Away Car: Dallas Dream Cars
Cake TableDraping: Tacie Johnsen, 214-499-7012
Cakes and Plateaus: Jackie Coleman, 214-460-2937
Photo Booth: Booth Booth

David Edmonson Wins a 1st Place, One 2nd Place Awards

David Edmonson of Plano, TX, has received special honors in the WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS INTERNATIONAL (WPPI) 2008 WPPI 8 x 10 1st Half Print Competition. Designed to recognize outstanding photographers, the judging was held in Santa Monica, CA on June, 2008.

Edmonson’s winning prints, “Pretty in Pink” received First Place in the High School Senior category.”Sky High” received Second Place in the High School Senior category.

“Untitled” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Bride and Groom Together category. “Untitled”received an Accolade of Excellence in the Bride or Groom Alone category. “Girl Party” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Bridal Party category. “Pokadots” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Engagement category. “Tyler’s World” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Children category. “Emily’s World” received an Accolade of Excellence in the Individual category.

Edmonson competed against an international field of photographers to win such honors.
The WPPI 8 x 10 1st Half Print Competition awards are presented each year at the largest trade show, educational platform and convention in the United States for professional photographers. The 2008 competition included 932 prints in 18 different categories submitted by photographers from all over the world.

For more information please visit www.wppionline.com/competition/