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Get to know master Dallas-based wedding photographers, David & Luke Edmonson. Read, watch and learn more about how they became known as wedding experts.

Dallas Wedding Photographers: David & Luke Edmonson

David & Luke Edmonson are experienced Dallas wedding photographers who specialize in engagement sessions, bridal portraits, and great wedding photography.

Favorite Wedding Photos From The Mind Of A Professional

Imagine someone who photographed your wedding with the skill of a master and empathy of a saint. That's our perspective and we dive into our philosphy.

Wedding & Educational Videos For Brides & Photographers

Step behind the scenes and learn from professional wedding photographers, print competition judges and industry educators David Edmonson & Luke Edmonson.

10 Questions With DFW Wedding Photographer

Interview with professional wedding photographers Luke Edmonson answers 10 important questions for photographers looking to learn and grow in their craft.

FAQ's | DFW Wedding Photographers Questions & Answers

Get answers to the frequently asked questions often asked of wedding photographers David & Luke Edmonson.

Areas Served By Dallas Wedding Photographers

Areas served by Dallas-based wedding photographers David & Luke in DFW, Dallas County, Tarrant County and beyond. Also serving Austin & Houston weddings.

Copyright Policy And Terms Of Usage

Photography copyright and usage aren't complicated. We've made it easy to know the appropriate process & terms for displaying or licensing our photos.

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