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Published Wedding Photos

We've captured some incredible local Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX love stories, festive destination Indian weddings in New Delhi, India, and bridal editorial assignments in Tanzania. Industry magazines regularly feature our wedding photos to help inspire other professional photographers.

The best part of being published is seeing your work in print. We love digital photography for how it helps us work quickly and efficiently on your wedding day. It saddens us to think of the lost generation that is coming because no one took the time to make prints. Photography is meant to be displayed, so you can see and live with it.

Not All Wedding Magazine Are Equal

Ever picked up your local wedding magazine and felt like you've seen the insides before but you are confident it has a different cover? You aren't crazy; it's called a cover refresh. That's why you see the issues listed as Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. By putting a new cover on the same issue, they are getting more legs out of the work they've done putting an issue together. 

Then there are the pay-to-play advertorial magazines. It's like seeing a recommended or approved vendor lists only to find out that a venue's or coordinator is getting a kickback. When can it be a good thing? If you are a bride who is just dying to get her wedding published, pay-to-play makes it easy to guarantee it will happen. 

While there is nothing wrong with advertorials, it's important they are clearly marked as such to avoid confusion. Some magazines actively market to recent brides and mother of the brides providing them an opportunity to be included in their Real Wedding section. If you see a part of the magazine filled with lots of 1 and 2 page "Real Weddings," you'll know exactly where to find yours if you take that approach.

Tips To Getting Your Wedding Photos Published

Local, regional & national magazines don't' want to publish the same event at the same time. It's normal for them to "insist" or "request" a period of exclusivity so that they don't have the same content on the stand as their competitors. 

Start by identifying the magazines you'd like the most to see your wedding in if you want publicity. There is no right or wrong, national blogs and papers aren't better if none of your friends and family read them. The perfect fit for you might be the local newspaper. Think about the one's you most enjoyed reading leading up to your special day. Larger audiences mean more submissions are coming in and steeper competition. 

Keep in mind that the more high-profile the magazine or larger the distribution the focus will be more on your wedding details than your love story and your favorite portraits. Their goal is to provide "inspiration" to newly engaged brides vs. becoming an archive for your personal legacy.

What Wedding Photos To Include

Most say something like this. "We need only two great images of the bride and groom. The rest should be of the details and guests."

They want to show their readers every detail of the big day. The cake is a must. Flowers are an essential part of the wedding. They want close-ups of the bouquet and table arrangements.

One overall picture of the wedding or reception that gives a feel for the decor. Most don't want empty rooms so your wedding ceremony when the guests sit down is a perfect opportunity. You don't want to send in a picture at your reception when then guests have food in their mouths, and once the party starts, many of the smaller details can be hidden behind people.

Don't fret; they do want to see tablescapes from the reception, as well as close-ups of the sign-in table, place cards and favors. 

Finally, most are looking for a few photographs that show the couple's unique personalities. Once complete, narrow it down to approximately 25 of your favorites following these rough guidelines to include with your submission.

Submitting To Wedding Magazines & Blogs

Most have submission info and steps on their website. Follow those and complete their checklists. They may ask you to provide background about how you and your beloved met along with specific details regarding the who and what vendors you chose along with your personal choices like color schemes and wedding dress etc. 

Familiarize yourself with the types of weddings that they typical display. A black tie wedding in the city probably isn't the right fit for a rustic or DIY intended audience. Don't send it to a bunch of magazines and blogs at once like it's an audition tape. The more you can show you've thoughtfully considered them and their audience the more likely the editor is to review your submission promptly.

Some will have rolling submissions, typically blogs, which need regular content to share. Magazines that have seasons and themes may require more time if to finish the current issue before they consider a wedding that is for next season. The easier you make it for them to have all the information on hand to make an educated decision, the more likely it is your wedding gets featured in an upcoming issue.

Exclusive Wedding Photos

Celebrity weddings are highly curated events. Often the photos are routed through an agent or representative for approval before shared with an inside source. Those are the photos you see in the big national brand magazines, and there is a real need for exclusivity. Bidding wars can develop for the rights to an A-List celebrity's photos. For the average person, no matter how luxurious your wedding is no money is going to be changing hands.

Professional Photography Industry Publications

Your wedding photographer may have their work shown in an article about themselves or their studio if they've come to the attention of the editors or writers. Sometimes it could be for an award they've won or through respect within the industry or service to it. It's a great thing as a bride because these are not pay-for-play type scenarios, and the biggest honor is to recognize by your peers for pursuing excellence. 

While none of your friends or family might find that magazine inside their local supermarket, it's a great validation of your decision to hire them in the first place. 

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