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Touching Lives Through The Medium Of Photography

In our About David & Luke section, we walk you through our journey as professional photographers and what led us to add wedding photography to our creative mix.

Along the way, our desire to push ourselves to be considered among the top wedding photographers not just in Dallas, but worldwide, has natural fruit that follows.

That desire isn’t born out of a need for recognition, but rather a calling to pursue excellence, wherever it is present.

Be better than you were yesterday

While our family story is one of multiple generations of photographers, we were not born into greatness. Nor have we been anointed as the best through external forces without standing on our own merits. Our road is one where we have achieved certain things only because we first pursued becoming the best photographers we could be.

The funny thing is that we still haven’t arrived at our desired final destination. We continue to learn and grow every single day.

There is a quote from friends whom we admire. I don’t know if they originated it, but we certainly associate the statement with this particular individual.

Tony Corbell, a well-regarded friend and leader in our field, says something to the effect that

“80% of photography you can learn in about 3 or 4 years. The rest takes a lifetime.”

We completely agree with his observation. Not settling or becoming complacent means pushing yourself even when no one is around and you aren’t getting paid. Our personal work allows us to stretch our legs artistically and exercise our creative muscles fully.

We carry the lessons we've learned when capturing your wedding day. They allow us to work faster with both more refinement and more intentionality. We believe in always becoming better wedding photographers, and we practice that behind the scenes every day.

Growing as a photographer benefits you as a bride

Rather than give you a detailed explanation of our careers to this point, let’s only touch upon the highlights and how they benefit you.

Our Fellowship with the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) shows that we have the capacity of producing a large body of work. While an individual wedding photo tells a story, it also contributes to the broader story as a whole.

When storyboarding your wedding album we will mentally lay out exactly how your story is naturally unfolding and identify more/new opportunities to provide that story even more depth and dimensionality. It's that capability that reveals our expertise.

David’s perfect 100 Score in the SWPP print competition confirms that he has mastered all aspects of photography, starting with the initial concept, moving through the creation and ultimate completion of the process as flawless final printing. The lessons learned to reach this level thus can translate into fine post-production work for your wedding album and fine art prints. These end results are unparalleled.

His trained eyes see the obvious distractions or imperfections, and he also possesses the vision to see precise refinements that others miss. The difference between excellent and superior artistry we believe rests in those subtle distinctions.

Back to back wins in the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP), International Photographer of the Year & Overseas Photographer of the Year demonstrates that both of us execute on the world stage at the highest level.

When choosing your wedding photographer, one of the typical questions you may ask yourself is “How do I know their work isn't just happy accidents?”

Consistency is the hallmark of a true professional

As professional wedding photographers, you are trusting your once-in-a-lifetime memories to us. You may ask yourself, "Who do we want behind the camera?"

Every couple must decide where they place their value.

After shooting 1000+ weddings, we've refined our unique vision, gained consummate and extensive experience, and established a proven track record.

A quick Google search will reveal our heart for others. People matter to us. Charity photography work, such as leading benefit shoots for Thirst Relief International helps bring clean drinking water to those who need it most.

The comments made by past clients, colleagues, and friends when David received his Lifetime Achievement Award demonstrate the impact we make in today's society lives and in the digital trail that is social media. Testimonials on our site also share the thoughts of the many couples who have hired us.

Invite us to help you visually express your beautiful relationships

Part of our service as wedding photographers is to act as a mirror on your wedding day. We soften and refine imperfections, so you shine your brightest on a day that matters most. We not only use our cameras, we use our most powerful tool, which is our voice. A loving heart for others manifests itself through the thoughtful and tender moments we can capture with those closest to you.

Our Grand Master and Triple Master of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) shows that we are diligent in perfecting our craftsmanship. Decades of growth in our photography justifies our high standing.

With a worldwide membership with the best and brightest talents in the world, there are only 4 photographers with a current higher standing than David Edmonson. I stand in the top 20. There is only one other photography duo on this planet that can demonstrate a similar caliber of excellence.

Co-founding WPPIC, the first of its kind certification program for wedding and portrait photographers across the globe, illustrates how serious we are about raising the quality of our industry. Every graduate has proven their competence, gaining new confidence for themselves and you that they are qualified to meet your needs.

We are fully vested, as our multi-year service as Presidents of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association (DPPA) demonstrates. It exhibits our desire to inspire and educate those in our hometown of DFW. The fingerprint of our hearts and dedication ripples into even those weddings we can't shoot.

Transcendence excellence in photography is about more than just knowing how to click a shutter. The best demonstration is when you know Why the picture you are about to take is being taken in the first place. By making suggestions for you to consider in the lead-up and during your planning, a series of invitations presented to your loved ones provides a unique opportunity to capture a richer story of your day.

The work we create is important now and even more so laters

Every single photo we create we believe has value and importance.

You might say it’s a case of body, mind, and spirit. Or as Henri Cartier-Bresson said, “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera…they are made with the eye, heart and head.”

Our heart turned toward others is revealed in the way we shoot your day with complete empathy. We seek to see you through the eyes of the ones who know you best. All we accomplish outside of the wedding is but the foundation of what makes our approach during your wedding both truly valuable and unique.

Our Master of Photography. Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographers degrees from (Professional Photographers of America) PPA continue this theme and thread. The Craftsman degree is earned for recognition as an Educator and Speaker.

Effective communication is paramount not only during your wedding planning but also on your wedding day. We consider our voice to be the most powerful tool we possess as a photographer.

At times, a calm and soothing sound can help melt the jitters. In others, a clear voice of leadership can mean the difference between your mother of the bride taking over the family formal session and sitting back and relaxing and enjoying it all.

Our voices can instruct, communicate, celebrate, and empathize. Always, our hearts, eyes, and ears listen carefully and try to anticipate what's happening both above and below the surface.

We are wedding photography specialists

We have built our legacy with every photo we've taken. Every bride and groom present an opportunity to capture the creation of a new family. Our cameras bring us together, but it’s our hearts that form enduring friendships. The fruits of what we do become the heirlooms that your family cherishes and unites them.

As we have grown to become true masters of our craft, we have gained a deeper recognition and insight into its pure value. Extending far beyond ourselves, our calling begins and ends with touching people's lives through the medium of photography.

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