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Details & Decor

Inspirational Wedding Details & Decor Photos

We've brought together loads of wedding detail photos to help you plan the perfect wedding. Plus, see gorgeous wedding decor photos to get ideas for your incredible reception. From formal, elegant, casual or rustic, we've got your style covered.

Must-Have Wedding Detail Photos On Your Day

Hearing about all the photographs you "must have" and "must take" on your wedding day can feel stressful. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple and what's important to you, not just a headline. So let's look at some of the most popular ideas and discover the "Why" they are important. Then you can make the decision of what's meaningful to you.

Our philosophy is simple.

"If you spend money on it or put thought into it, it deserves a picture."

The importance does not always lie in the physical object or it's cost rather what it represents. That's the value. What you value is unique and beyond comparison.

Shouldn't the focus of a wedding photographer be on the things you've invested your time, money and resources? With the myriad of other responsibilities to serve a family on the wedding day, like portraits, candids, and photojournalism, spending time capturing the details is time well spent. Balancing that time allows you to focus on the story, the people and the moments. Our fellowship in wedding photography demonstrates that not only are we masters of our craft, but we also refined our mental approach to visualizing, serving and creating.

Let's look at what are "no-brainer" shots an experienced wedding photographer knows to take.

The Standard Shots

  1. Flowers: Bouquets, Boutineers, Ceremony & Reception Florals
  2. Rings: His & Her Wedding Bands
  3. Accessories - Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Shoes, Hair Piece
  4. Fashion: Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses, MOB, MOG, Suits & Tuxes
  5. Welcome Bags & Gifts
  6. Stationery: Save The Dates, Wedding Invitations, Programs & Menus
  7. Room Shots: Ceremony & Reception Sites
  8. Cake - Bride's Cake & Groom's Cake
  9. Traditional - Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
  10. Food & Drink - Meals, Late Night Snacks, and Signature Cocktails

Going Beyond And Making It Personal

Look in most bridal magazines, blogs or books and they are filled with shots of "things". Remember the whole D.I.Y. craze of rustic mason jars? Mustaches for your photo booth? Louboutin's sitting on a chair?

Of course, we all want to capture the things surrounding your wedding. But what if there was a way to capture them with a depth not typically seen?

Some quick examples.

In addition to a shot of your wedding dress by itself, bring your mom's, sister's or grandmothers to be shown with it. Of course, your's is the hero of the scene, only now you can show the differences in fashion over time, personality, and taste as well as show the sanctity of marriage to your family.

Magazines love clear reception set-up shots, and they have a place in your wedding album. Add depth to your room shot by having your portrait made as a couple before the doors open. Not only will you have an opportunity to see the room before guests enter but your presence provides new meaning for the scene. It's more than a beautiful place. It's your gorgeous reception, thoughtfully and intentionally conceived and executed.

Another idea takes a bit more pre-planning or proximity to pull-off. We once captured the bride's earrings on top of a $20 bill. Glancing at the picture, it may feel like an odd or unusual juxtaposition. Why use that as a background? Simple, the bride's grandfather worked for the U.S. Treasury and his signature is on the front. Now a photo of an object becomes something more, and it becomes a story. Imagine the day the bride sits down on her lap to look at her album. Not only will she be sharing about her day, but she will also be bringing in past generations to her narrative, all because of the personal connection to the background.

A final example, in a novel approach to typical ring shots. By asking all of the women on the maternal side of the bride's family to participate, we were able to provide a deeper context for what marriage means to them. Mother, grandmother, aunts are all included in this incredible display of wedding rings. Most importantly, it introduces loved ones into the narrative that might otherwise only be in a group shot or individual portrait.

Tips To Improve Your Detail & Decor Photos

As wedding photographers, we've captured our share of nuptials and learned some things along the way. We want to share them with you to help you in your planning and on your day.

Collect your wedding details ahead of time

It makes sense but quite often it's easy for things to become scattered. Someone decides the best man needs your band the morning of your wedding, and suddenly it's not around to easily have it's picture made. Of course, he eventually does need it. Simply it's a matter of when. Sure the wedding photographer can grab a shot of the programs at the church. Having a copy on hand when they first arrive allows them to show it both in the church and as a stand alone.

Think about ways to personalize your story

Do you still have your mom's dress but don't plan on wearing it? Why not use it as a background material in some of the pictures? Not only will it be a pleasing background but you'll know the story behind it and can share it with other later. It transforms the impersonal to personal. It doesn't matter if it has holes, yellow spots or loads of other objections you mom might protest. It's her wedding dress. She's your mom. You've found a way to connect generations.

Relationships are the most valuable part of a wedding

Someday we may write a book on all the things we've seen happen. The short of it is, life is precious. There are no guarantees. People here today can be gone tomorrow. 

(We once delivered a portrait to a bride's mother when we heard the grandmother had died the week after the wedding. She thanked us profusely and let us know that it was the "other" grandmother who didn't attend. They'd give this one the healthy one on her birthday!)

Things happen in life, and our encouragement is to be as present as possible at your wedding. Preparation and planning happen before the wedding. The reason you are getting married and inviting guests is that you love them, and they love you. Otherwise, you'd be just as married running to the justice of the peace. One of the most personal realizations most couples have is looking around and seeing all these people in their lives together under one roof. It's truly a singular and extraordinary event to cherish.

Dedicated Photographer

If your event is lavish or you are heart is set on being published, explore the option of hiring a dedicated photographer to operate independently of the rest of the team. Most wedding photography studios can scale to meet your needs, and the expense may not be exorbitant. That frees up your primary shooters to focus on the moments, memories and storytelling providing, even more, depth to your coverage. The dedicated photographer can leapfrog everyone else and can wait around if something is close to being finished but isn't quite ready.

For example, while your primary is shooting the after ceremony formals and another photographer is covering the cocktail hour, there is someone dedicated to shooting the room. Or while you are getting dressed, and the 2nd photographer is shooting the groom's preparation, there is someone free to shoot the ceremony site before any guests arrive.

Final Thoughts

We love the privilege of serving families and capturing everything you've invested your time, finances and energy. Take a look at our favorite photos and published work imaging having us be your wedding photographers. Weddings start with an invitation, and we invite you to reach out to us to check our availability. Or check our pricing, learn more about us and get answers to common questions, our heart is here to serve.

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