Traditional Bridal Portrait On Grand Staircase Wins
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Traditional Bridal Portrait On Grand Staircase Wins

After looking at many of these photos, you may have concluded that traditional bridal photos are not too desirable. That would be an oversimplification because it's not simply an either or concept; it's an “and also” statement.

Staircase Bridal PortraitS

Traditional and artistic bridal portraits both have value and do reflect the beauty and personality of these individual women.

This perfect example of a bride's dominant element being her train is well displayed using the grandness of the staircase. If this wedding train were just placed traditionally on the floor, the majesty of its cathedral length would be lost.

To find a venue grand enough for her bridals, she rented out the "Champ d'Or Estate" in Hickory Creek, Texas. It's famous it's almost $50 million dollar price tag including a two-story Chanel Store replica closet.

The window light and the framing aspect of the semi-circular window behind her harkens back to the days of Greek Byzantium paintings, typically those depicting saints and angels.

The perfect symmetry of all these architectural elements allows the eye to enjoy comfortably her soft and peaceful expression.

By using a small ladder to elevate me and the camera, the proper perspective of space and the dress was well captured.

The choice of Black and White for the final version of the photo brings the focus back to the bride.

Location: Hickory Creek, TX.

1/60; f/4.0; ISO 800; 24.0 mm.

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